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DONOBi Dial-up

DONOBi's nation-wide dial-up network provides you with convenient and affordable Internet access at prices as low as $17 per month!  Our great service is supported by the best Technical Support and Customer Service departments around.


To use dial-up service, you must have a working computer with a 56k modem installed.  You must also have an active phone line.  Dial-up service uses the telephone network to connect your computer to our network.  Our network in turn connects you to the Internet allowing you to surf the web, check email, use instant messengers, shop online, and much much more!

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  • up to 56kbps connection speeds
  • 5 free email accounts included with your service
  • 10MB of *personal web space
  • Friendly Technical Support via phone or email!
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*personal web space is not for commercial use - see our terms of service for policy information or our web hosting page for information about commercial web hosting.

Pricing Information

Standard Dial-up Service

Monthly $20.00
Quarterly $57.00
Semi-Annual $108.00
Annual $204.00

*Additional Dial-up Service

Monthly $15.00
Quarterly $45.00
Semi-Annual $90.00
Annual $180.00

*For secondary access to your main account...rate not available as a stand-alone service.