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DONOBi's DSL service brings broadband connectivity to your doorstep.  DSL service options range from 256k up to 5Mbps download rates!  If you want DSL with a company that has support personnel you can actually talk to, please give us a call.  We provide service in all Qwest Territories.  If you are currently using dial-up over a separate phone line, it would actually be cheaper for you to cancel the extra line and run DSL on your main phone number!

DONOBi DSL Includes:

Email addresses:

5 Free

*Personal Web Space:


Modem Configuration:
Over the phone OR at our **office
Technical Support:

Contact us for any DSL connection issue!

*personal web space is not for commercial use - see our terms of service for policy information or our web hosting page for information about commercial web hosting.
**Usually takes 1 business day to process

Is your provider someone besides Qwest?

CLICK HERE to view information about the Velociti dial-up accelerator!

Regular Pricing:

 Standard Pricing for Residential DSL - On Demand Connectivity
 Plan Download Upload  DONOBi Qwest Total 
 Standard Up to 256K Up to 256K    $18.00 $15.00   $33.00
 Deluxe Up to 1.5M Up to 896K   $21.95  $28.00  $49.95
 Premium Up to 5.0M Up to 896K  $31.95  $38.00  $69.95
 Stand Alone Up to 1.5M Up to 896K  $21.95  $33.00  $54.95


Standard Pricing for Business DSL - On Demand Connectivity
 Plan Download Upload  DONOBi Qwest Total
 Standard Up to 256K   Up to 256K   $18.00 $25.00   $33.00
Deluxe Up to 1.5M Up to 896K $21.95 $37.50 $59.45
Up to 5.0M
 Up to 896K   $31.95  $56.25  $88.20
Stand Alone Up to 1.5M Up to 896K $21.95 $42.50 $64.45


Modem Options

Prices below are the costs to order items from Qwest during sign-up and will include a $9.99 S / H charge.  Please note that it is not required that you purchase this equipment from Qwest as they are available for purchase at popular retail chains.  The Advanced Networking Modem has built in wireless; the Standard modem does not.


 Equipment Description Rental Charge Purchase Cost 
Standard Modem Standard DSL modem +1 wall mount and 3 inline filters.  $5.00 / month $59.99 
Advanced Networking Modem Advanced networking DSL modem +1 wall mount and 3 inline filters  $8.00 / month $149.99 
Additional micro filters Package of 1 wall mount and 3 inline filters  N / A  $9.99 


To use DSL service, you must have a working computer with network adapter or available USB port installed.  You must also have an active phone line with either Qwest or Sprint.  DSL service uses the telephone line to connect your computer to our network through your telephone company's DSL circuits.  Our network in turn connects you to the Internet allowing you to surf the web, check email, use instant messangers, shop online, and much much more at broadband speeds!