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Fiber Optic Internet Service

Fiber Optic connectivity is one of the fastest mediums for Internet Service that is currently available.  This technology uses fiber optics (strands of glass) instead of cable internet, phone lines, wireless, etc to pass information across vast distances literally at the speed of light!

Where can I get Fiber Optic?

Currently fiber optic projects are available to most people only if their local PUD has put into place a project to build out this type of network.  DONOBi currently offers service in three fiber optic networks in the state of Washington: Grant County , Kitsap County , and Mason County .  Each of these networks were developed differently.  Therefore services vary from one network to the next.  Click the appropriate tab above for specific information including pricing, availability, etc. 

Why should I be interested in Fiber Optics?

  • Fiber Optic connections are capable of over 100Mbps connection speeds.  The best connection available for DSL or Cable is currently around 7Mbps.
  • Fiber Optics solutions are cheaper than comparable services on DSL or cable or T1 solutions
  • Fiber Optics are built to be stable and aren't subject to interference like phone or cable lines are