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Web Hosting

Businesses and organizations in today's market rely on web sites to advertise, educate, and inform the public about themselves.  If you are looking to host a web site, look no further than DONOBI for all your Web Hosting needs.  We provide reliable web hosting that will empower your web site presence on the world wide web. 

With DONOBi Web Hosting you always get:  

  • Reliable Service
  • Our superb in-house technical support
  • Solutions easily tailored to your needs

Linux vs. Windows Hosting

We are commonly asked why it costs more to use Windows Hosting than our standard Linux servers.   Which is better?  Why would my business require one over the other?  Hopefully our comparison will help answer these questions and more:

Linux Windows
  • No costly license fees
  • Simple and secure updates
  • No FPE support
  • No ASP support
  • PHP and mySQL supported
  • Additional features are more cost effective
  • Licensed Software to run
  • Updates are sometimes complicated
  • Supports FPE
  • Supports ASP
  • No PHP or SQL services
  • Additional features are typically more cost restrictive


Features Standard Windows Economy Pointer/Email
Monthly Cost  $20.00 $30.00 $10.00 $10.00
Setup Charge
Storage Space
250MB 250MB 25MB None
*Email Accounts (25MB) 15 15 1 1
Email Forwarders 100 100 10 10
Traffic Up to 5GB
Up to 5GB Up to 1GB N/A
**Statistics Email or Web
Web only
Email or Web N/A
FTP Access     
Additional Email      
Additional Storage

  * Email administration can be set up for one account upon request
  ** Statistics are set up within 1 - 2 business days of request and aren't retroactive
  *** MySQL database set up within 1 - 2 business days of request